Integrate RescueTime with Open Humans

RescueTime is a free(-mium) application that monitors your computer usage and collects data about the applications and website you use. With this application you can import these data into your Open Humans account. The importer is run by Bastian Greshake Tzovaras.

Learn more by visiting this project's About Page.

How it works

  1. Click the button below
    This takes you to Open Humans authentification page.
  2. Log in or create an Open Humans account
    Your RescueTime data will be added to this account.
  3. Authorize this app in Open Humans
    This authorizes us to add your RescueTime data to your account.
  4. Authorize us to access your RescueTime account.
    The Open Humans website will redirect you back to us for the last step: Authorizing us to access your RescueTime account. It will take you to the RescueTime website.
  5. Authorize this app on RescueTime.
    This allows us to request your RescueTime data for you. Once that's done you are all set and we will download your data for you!
Start with Open Humans authorization


  1. Which data will be included from RescueTime?
    The short answer: It depends on your RescueTime settings.
    The longer answer: Which data will be collected by RescueTime can be adjusted in the RescueTime settings.
    If you have set it up that way your data might contain information about visited websites & information about your emails. By default RescueTime tries to not log any porn sites you are surfing at though. More details on the data being logged can be found on the About page.
  2. Will my data from RescueTime be public?
    The short answer: No, by connecting your RescueTime account you don't agree to make your data public or give anyone access to this data. It will be stored in your account and you decide with whom to share.
    The longer answer: It can be public if you want it to be public. If you're logged in into Open Humans can make individual sources publicly available through the public data feature.
  3. Are you getting access to my RescueTime data during the upload?
    Yes, by connecting your RescueTime account to this application the administrator of this integration (see below) can read to your RescueTime data. This access will exclusively be used to upload your RescueTime data to Open Humans and to debug this integration.
    The administrator will not look into your computer usage or analyze it, etc. With the exception of data management within service providers used by this project (e.g. the cloud service running this web server), your RescueTime data will not be further accessible by third parties.
  4. Do you keep my data up to date?
    Yes, this app regularly updates your data to keep it up to date. After logging in you can also manually trigger an update.
  5. Who's running this project?
    This project is run by Bastian Greshake Tzovaras as a hobby project.
  6. How can I get in touch with you?
    You can reach me via email at or even quicker by messaging me @gedankenstuecke on Twitter.